Early in the morning, the busy bees at Magic Colours (IL) site are coming for yet another day of production under the open eyes of Friel. A quick coffee, a small talk and off to the lines and lab. At the same time exactly, at the foothills of the Himalaya, Rajesh is taking his team for yet another endless day of production at the Magic Colours (IN) site. Couple of hours later, Martin, with the Magic Colours (EU) team and Liam with the Shesto (UK) team are looking for another hill to conquer, and another exhibition to attend.

Magic Colours products are available worldwide and supplied to dealers and distributors directly from our global teams in Europe, MIddle East and Asia or global network of dealers.

Look for smiles around you; we may be closer to you than you think.

Motek Sugarcraft (India) pvt ltd. is part of the Motek Sugarcraft Ltd. global Group and a licensed Magic Colours producer. The company is fully licensed (FSSAI) and works under the strict quality control and standards of the Magic Colours team.